The Leader in Magnetic Bone Conduction Hearing


Hear More To Do More

7 decibels – That’s 60% louder than our competition! 

Sophono offers more sound amplification (gain) than any other magnetic transcutaneous system! More gain means better hearing and doing the things you like to do without worrying about how well you can hear. What will YOU do with the freedom of the Sophono system?

The Completely Invisible Implant!

Other magnetic BAHAs sit above the surface of the skull and can cause a visible bump. The Sophono implant has a low profile and can be implanted completely flat against the skull, hidden under your hair.

Get Connected!

Sophono supports FM and Bluetooth connectivity. Get front row seating wherever you are in the classroom. Listen to your iPod, phone or other electronic device directly - no wires or cables to get in the way.

Gentle on Skin

  • Lightweight design
  • Minimized pressure on skin
  • No skin-penetrating abutment


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