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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

My husband, Stan, and I both have hearing loss and it was decided that I would be the first tested. The results showed I was not hearing high frequencies and a hearing device would improve my overall hearing. I had 2 more hearing tests done over six months, both showing the same results.

The big difference between the tests was the quality and care of the service afforded by Heart of Texas Hearing Centers- namely Mrs. Erika Vela. The other offices did their job but they didn't have the understanding and wealth of knowledge that Mrs. Vela showed.

I selected the Starkey Halo 2 and have been very happy with my choice. A big bonus is that Mrs. Vela previously worked at Starkey so she was able to better guide my decision towards the instrument that would best fit my lifestyle. She gets it! Mrs. Vela patiently explained the use of the small, lightweight devices and answered all my questions. She also explained how the iPhone works to my advantage with the hearing aids. I have back 3 times for fine tuning and every time I have had excellent care.

I am happy I selected Heart of Texas Hearing and met Mrs. Vela. She is a Hearing Instrument Specialist that offers friendly and professional service. I'll gladly refer people to Heart of Texas Hearing Centers. 


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Patsy A.

Before coming to Heart of Texas Hearing Centers I couldn’t hear certain noises. It’s amazing the difference hearing aids can make! While at Heart of Texas Hearing Centers I was treated with the upmost care, understanding and professional concern for my hearing loss. Erika is a very caring hearing professional that truly understood my hearing needs.   

Gary T. Patient Testimonial

Gary T.

I've had my Muse system for 3 weeks now. Wow!! The impact on my life has been astonishing! I no longer dread phone conversations. I can hear the other person loud and clear - with BOTH ears! The volume on my TV is much lower than before. Conversations face to face no longer require guess work. I can hear! Muse does a great job of filtering "noise."

The best part is the music. Starkey has given me my music back! I'm hearing notes I haven't heard in years - some for the very first time! I don't consider Muse as hearing aids. I consider them my own personal, private sound system.

Thank you, Erika, for the encouragement and suggestions along the way. I know I still have much to discover about Muse, but already it's the best decision I've made in a long, long time.

John P Testimonial


John P.

When I found out Dr. Fowler had a new hearing specialist, Erika Vela, I made an appointment. It was a wonderful experience. She completely understood why I didn't want to wear hearing aids. She suggested we do a hearing test, which I did.  She discovered what I really needed and gave me some helpful information that allowed me to better adjust to my new instruments. She really encouraged me. She truly wanted to help me hear better and she put me more at ease about having to wear them.

I left the office excited that I truly might be able to hear conversations better and if I felt I needed them adjusted, all I had to do was call her office. Her office assistant, Heather, is very helpful too. She can help you with cleaning your hearing aids, getting batteries and setting you up with an appointment. Erika, truly cares about you, your feelings and trying to make you hear your best. I recommend giving her a call. She will treat you with respect, encourage you and work with you. You will be able to hear and be very glad you have the hearing aids.

Kristi N Testimonial Picture

Kristi N.

I was having difficulty hearing simple conversation, both at home and at work. I knew I had to do something about it. After meeting with Erika Vela at Heart of Texas Hearing Aid Center I felt as if I was receiving the best care possible. She made me feel comfortable all throughout my care. Her patient rapport is excellent, her knowledge is top shelf, and her demeanor is the best! I feel great about my hearing now and I have Erika to thank.   

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David G.